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to my collection of links to Interesting Places to Browse in the Web. Here you will find:

Interesting Places for Kids
An award-winning collection of links of interest to kids, along with some Notes, Advice, and Warnings.
Interesting Places for Parents
An award-winning collection of links of interest to parents, with a few additional notes and suggestions for getting your kids onto the Web and helping them enjoy their stay.
Interesting Places for Musicians and Music-Lovers
... with special emphasis on my favorite genre, filk.
Interesting Places for Software
A (considerably less comprehensive and not very well-maintained) collection of links to sources of (mostly free) software and software-related sites.
Interesting Places for Information
A totally eclectic and random collection of links which you may find interesting and useful as a jumping-off place. Then again, you might not.

Places in Cyberspace are different from places in the physical world, but they are nonetheless real. Here are some of my thoughts about virtual places. Enjoy your stay.


These pages have moved several times. They were originally at my employer's site (back in the 1990s); then they moved to That was sold sometime in in mid-August 1999, and the new offical location became Later, I bought, and the location became When renewing it became too expensive for a mere hobby, I moved it back to in the Browse subdirectory -- by that time, "interesting places to browse" had found its place on multiple search engines.

To summarize, the new ``official'' location for ``Interesting Places'' is Bookmarks to .../places will continue to work, and will be redirected. Sorry about the confusion.

This site is part of, also known as the Starport in Cyberspace, and of, also known as Grand Central Starport. Most of the original content at theStarport has moved to

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