the Starport in Cyberspace/Grand Central Starport

You see a huge room with gently curving walls. It looks as though it might be a kind of lobby, if it ever gets cleaned up. The floor is littered with piles of boxes labeled ``HyperSpace Express -- Movers to the Stars'', and a few labeled ``Oasis CD Manufacturing''. The place looks even more chaotic than most web sites under construction.

To the right of the entrance is an archway of curiously-shaped widgetry. There is nothing behind it when you look from the side, but seen straight-on it appears to lead to a cluttered home office. A hastily-scribbled sign hung at the top of the arch reads:

Steve Savitzky
Collected Works

An album cover has been attached to the wall beside it, possibly with chewing gum. There are the remains of some purple duct tape that once held a flier soliciting pre-orders. In its place is a small business-card-sized flier pointing to a page on the Bandcamp website, just down the corridor to the left. It mostly covers an older card pointing to CD-Baby.

It looks as though Steve's entire website has been moved to somewhere else; the corridor that once led to the ./Steve_Savitzky/ pages is now a shiny new portal to

On a chair beside it is a small stack of fliers for Consonance; it is almost completely buried under more fliers for Rainbow Con.


Points of Interest

Coffee, Computers, and Song!
Steve Savitzky's CD of songs about computers. Just released!
Steve Savitzky's collected writings, filk songs, CDs, and software.

Our co-located non-commercial sister site:

Interesting Places to Browse on the Web
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Site Policies Notice. and information
the Xenofilkia home page!
Our first inhabitants! I'm not sure why it didn't occur to me earlier to offer free space in exchange for a fanzine subscription, but that's what I'm doing.
The Flier Table
and our first flier, from the AlterYears store

What's Where

(or rather, where things will be when we're done constructing...)
The Lobby
Bulletin Boards and Flier Tables
The Flier Table
Announcements. Eventually this will get split up by topic.
The Hucksters' Room
A home on the net for fannish businesses that don't have their own web servers, and links for those that do.
The Art Show and Artists' Ghetto
A showplace and contact point for SF and fantasy artists.
The Filk Room
The Fanzine Room
There are a lot of good zines on the Web; maybe there would be more if more editors had net access.
The Grand Hotel: Offices, Guest Rooms and Suites
Pointers to the home pages of fen (like me) and fannish households (like Grand Central Starport ), and a place for fen with no internet access to park their carcasses.
The Docking Bay
Jumping-off point for other places in Cyberspace, with an accent on filking, and resources for kids and their parents.

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