Domains at This Web Site

The following domains are represented at this web site.: The Starport in Cyberspace
A ``semi-commercial'' site devoted primarily to small businesses and individuals serving the community of science fiction fandom. Limited amounts of web space, e-mail forwarding, and other services will soon be available in this domain. Grand Central Starport
Home of the Savitzky household. This domain contains the ``official'' permanent e-mail addresses of people in the household, along with their personal web pages. Web space and e-mail addresses in are by invitation only. (now defunct)
The main content, series of link pages, is now located on this site under /places/

Note that at some point these domains may be separated onto two or more servers. At the moment, and are represented by specific sets of subdirectories. has been sold!

Until August, 1999 these pages were located at That domain has been sold; the new owner is, Inc. Please visit their new site (sometime in mid-August 1999), and wish them well. Among other things, their generous offer has made it possible for me to continue providing free of advertising of any kind.

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