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Steve Savitzky

This is Steve Savitzky's office at the Starport in CyberSpace. You see piles of construction debris, moving boxes, and a few gaping holes in the floor. The place is in a state of total chaos. A cleaning 'bot appears to be cowering under the desk.

On a bookshelf you see a large green notebook labled Filksongs by Steve Savitzky; the bookshelf itself is rather pretentiously labeled ``Collected Works of Steve Savitzky''.

A hastily-marked-up sheet of paper sits propped up on a chair -- the music stand is in a box somewhere. The title reads Keep the Dream Alive. The paper's date is 1986, but a new verse has been penciled in very recently. A newspaper nearby shows a ball of fire tracing a ragged white brushstroke across a dark blue sky, under the headline `Columbia Is Lost'.

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