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Steve Savitzky's writings on Linux

This directory contains articles about, and configuration files for, Linux. It's my contention that Linux is a superb operating system for families, for many reasons.

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How I Work
I've been in the computer industry for a long time -- I was working with Unix of various flavors long before Linux existed. As a result I've developed my own ways of working in the Linux environment that are probably rather different from what most other people do. Come look over my shoulder.


(listed by date of last nontrivial revision, newest first)
Keeping Backups 2006/06/19 How I Work #5.
How I make backups and keep them safe. (Plus a little bit of wishful thinking.)
The Daily Ping 2003/11/17 How I Work #4.
How I know whether all of my far-flung systems are up and running happily. Peace of mind in two lines of code.
Managing Websites 2003/11/8 How I Work #3.
How I keep websites, including this one, up to date.
Documents are Directories 2003/10/28 How I Work #2.
Why this document is called docs-are-directories/ instead of docs-are-directories.html.
Playing with Multiple Distros 2003/6/9 (updated 2003/6/29). How I Work #1.
How to put several Linux distributions onto one disk drive without going insane. The first of an ongoing series called How I Work.
The man page Rant 2002/7/11
Why is Linux documentation so hard to find? What can we do about it?
Does Linux Need a Business Model? 2002/5/18
No more than jazz does.
Simple Gifts 2002/5/17
The good old days of lean, mean software are only a keystroke away.
Linux in the Palm of Your Hand 2002/3/30
If AOL Buys RedHat 2002/3/30
Some speculations. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad...
Reflections on a Fry's Ad 2002/2/16
Linux hits the consumer market
Making Embedded Systems Developer-Friendly 2002/1/12
A cute little penguin on the case is only the start.
The Thrill is Back 2001/2/18
Comments on the Agenda VR3 Development Edition, a Linux-based PDA.
Linux on Laptops 1999/07/10
Linux on a Ricoh Magio laptop 1999/07/10
Linux--the Family Operating System 1999/07/10
(OK, so it's in the directory above. There are probably people referring to it, and I didn't want to break links.)

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