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North Starport

is what Steve Savitzky and his family call their new apartment.

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(For (old) pictures, see the Rogues' Gallery)

Extended Family:


Silicon Life-Forms:

Grand Central Starport is home to a sizeable number of silicon life-forms (computers). The servers are full-time, 24/7 Linux boxes; most of the others are dual-boot between Linux and some kind of Windows. A few are Macs, though none of those are currently in service. We won't even count the relics: ancient PC's and Zilog Z80 boxes lurking in the garage. The limiting factors on the number of client machines we can have running are how many monitors we can afford, and how much horizontal space we have to put them on. Servers are mainly limited by a desire to minimize power consumption.

More about the silicon denizens can be found at Adventures in Family Computing

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