In Memoriam: Shirley Weinland Hentzell

Shirley Weinland Hentzell was Karen (Colleen)'s mother; she passed away on Wednesday, January 20th, 1999 at about 8:55pm. She died peacefully, in her sleep, with her daughter present; she smiled a little just before the end.

In the morning, in response to questions from the doctors and her family, she had requested that her life support be removed. Since she had declined to answer the day before, we suspect that she wanted to wait until Wednesday, our traditional Open House day, when she knew that we would have a house full of friends to come home to.

She had been a technical writer and editor at SRI for many years; since her `retirement' she did editing under contract for IBM. She wrote a few science fiction stories under the name of Shirley Weinland, and occasionally attended Bay Area science-fiction conventions.

She is survived by her brother Robert Weinland, daughter Karen Savitzky, and two granddaughters. In accordance with her wishes, no funeral or memorial service will be held; donations in her name to the American Cancer Society would be appreciated. We did have a memorial brunch the following Sunday at one of her favorite spots, Maxi's in the San Jose Doubletree hotel.

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=== under construction ===

Shirley left several unfinished and unpublished stories -- I hope to make these available at some point.

Her published science fiction stories are listed here , but unfortunately are not accessible on the Web at this time.

This search finds the HTML versions of a few manuals she edited at IBM.

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