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Steve Savitzky also known as ``The MandelBear''

(a vaguely ursine and infinitely fuzzy object), in some text-based virtual realities
Lives in a house called Grand Central Starport by its inhabitants.

(fanish biography here) (collected works here)

Steve is a hacker/songwriter, having learned both hacking and folksinging in the 1960's; he discovered organized fandom and filkdom (i.e. was dragged to his first con) in 1978 or so, and wrote his first ``real'' filksong shortly thereafter. About half of his recorded songs are about computers; some, like The World Inside the Crystal, are even serious. He has published a CD, Coffee, Computers, and Song!, and all of his lyrics and writings are on the web at

In his professional life as a computer scientist (a glorified term for ``middle-aged hacker''), he is currently interested in such minor arcana as web publishing, lightweight content-management systems, web-based communities, macro-based HTML formatting engines, peer-to-peer filesharing, and RESTful web service APIs. In the recent past he was the principal architect of the PIA, an open-source, web-based document processing engine that incorporates a complete scripting language with XML syntax. He is a strong proponent of open-source software, and a heavy Linux user. His latest mad project is, a web-based co-op for sharing music. The website uses a PIA spinoff called &AMP;.

One of his web pages, Interesting Places for Kids, was listed in the April 25, 1995 issue of PC Magazine as part of A Guided Tour of 100 Hot Sites, and could be considered one of the earliest examples of a "web log", though of course the term wasn't in use at the time.

One of the websites at this location, the Starport in CyberSpace, is intended to serve science fiction fandom and fannish businesses. Contact <steve @> if you want me to host a fanzine. Xenofilkia is already here.

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