Site Policies

This document covers the policies pertaining to pages under the URL with the exception of the /places/ or /Browse/ subdirectories, which are mirrors of another site,, which has its own policies.


This site does not collect any information on visitors except that which is normally logged by Apache: the IP address of the requesting machine, and possibly the referring page. This information is used for only reference purposes, and by my ISP for billing.

It is not currently distributed to anyone else; however, logging information pertaining to subdirectories containing content created by other people or organizations (e.g., fanzines/xeno/) will eventually be distributed to their respective authors.

Products and Advertising

The only products offered for sale under the URLs covered by this policy are described on pages (``fliers'') and directories (``tables'') hosted at this site belonging to the organizations and individuals which maintain them. No third-party advertising, banner ads, etc. are accepted.

Hosting: Fliers and Tables

I am currently hosting a small number of single pages (fliers/), and one directory (fanzines/) for fanzines. Fanzines are given web space in exchange for a subscription.

Space and links will eventually be offered under the directories dealers/*, people/ and suites/.

Send e-mail to <> for details, but please don't expect prompt service at this time -- I don't have the necessary machinery set up yet.


All pages under the URL's covered by this policy are Copyright by their respective authors. All rights reserved.

(Most pages are Copyright by Stephen R. Savitzky, except for pages under the directories fliers/, fanzines/*, dealers/*, people/ and suites/*. Copyright in such pages is owned by their respective authors.)

If you wish to make an electronic copy of one of these pages, please make a link instead. Here's why linking is better than copying.

If you wish to make paper copies of any pages on this site other than a single copy for personal use, please contact the author.

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