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This document covers the policies pertaining to pages under the URLs and

See for the policies of the parent site,, which are considerably different, mainly in respect to ownership.


This site does not collect any information on visitors except that which is normally logged by Apache: the IP address of the requesting machine, and possibly the referring page. This information is used for only reference purposes, and by my ISP for billing. It is not distributed to anyone else.

Products and Advertising

The only products offered for sale under the URLs covered by this policy, and, are paper versions of documents on this site. No third-party advertising is accepted.


All pages under the URL's covered by this policy are Copyright 1995-1998 by Stephen Savitzky and are covered by the Creative Commons CC-By-SA license.

(Text enclosed in quotation marks (``...'') in descriptions of pages linked to from this document is taken from the page in question or from an announcement by its author. Copyright in such text is owned by its author.)

If you wish to make an electronic copy of one of these pages, please make a link instead. Here's why linking is better than copying.

If you wish to make paper copies other than a single copy for personal use, please see this notice. At some point paper copies of certain pages (e.g.. Notes, Advice, and Warnings for Kids on the Internet) will be made available in booklet form.

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